Tom's Story

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse is Brisbane’s biggest confectionery shop – and the largest in Australia.

The man behind Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse, is Thomas Jeanes. Born in 1943, Tom grew up in Toowong, Brisbane, with his two brothers and two sisters in the family home. A jack of all trades, Tom has seen and done many things in his life. His career history is an interesting as it is varies – Tom has worked in a butchers shop, on prawn trawlers, driven trucks, worked as a scrap metal collector and even owned cigarette vending machines. But what Tom will always be remembered for, is his role as one of Australia’s largest confectionery retailers and distributors.

Tom JeansTom’s Confectionery Warehouse was originally a sideline to Tom’s original business - Captain Corn Popcorn. Captain Corn Popcorn was started in a little tin shed in Raubers Rd Nudgee, Brisbane, in 1966. The popcorn was sold in all major supermarkets until a gas explosion tore the popcorn factory apart, prompting Tom to move the new popcorn factory to Hendra, where it still is today.

The requests from locals for some confectionery lines prompted Tom to put in a dozen different sweets in the corner of his office, and this was the birth of Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse. Seeing more and more customers for confectionery, in 1982, Tom built a showroom and bought in a bigger range of confectionery. As more people learned of Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse, the business grew bigger - becoming more popular than the popcorn business.

At present Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse has been operating for 32 years and employs 35 staff, and stocks over 20,000 lines of products within the showroom of 650sq meters.
Come in any day and you will most likely find Tom in one of the many aisles - Tom is always keen for a chat with the many thousands of people that he has learnt to know over the years! Both Tom and the warehouse have grown to become Brisbane icons, and we welcome you to experience for yourself the delicious array of sweets and friendly hospitality of Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse.  

A bit about the Warehouse

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse is a Brisbane icon that has been satisfying many thousands of customers over the years. People are welcome to walk in to the self-service showroom and choose their selections, or shop online with our brand new online store! Selecting and purchasing your sweets has never been easier, with fast delivery to your door, cold packs to keep everything cool during shipping, and safe and secure payment options.

International orders are also available through our online shopping process – overseas customers can make their selection online and have their orders dispatched from our bulk warehouse.

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse is open to the public everyday of the year except Christmas day from 8am till 9pm.