Chilli Willies Blurter Hurter 150ml

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Chilli Willies Blurter Hurter 150ml

Chilli Willies Blurter Hurter is a straight up old-style classic habanero hot sauce bursting with fruity habanero flavour and heat that will having you wanting more.

When you dive in and smell this sauce, you can definitely pick up the fruity habanero as well as a tinge of sweetness from the onion. As there are only a handful of ingredients that make up this sauce you get to taste and savour each and every one of them. It starts with the tang of vinegar which is tempered by the sweetness from the onion and carrot and this is all finished off with the fruitiness and heat of the habanero. This sauce seems to bypass the whole front part of your mouth and head straight for the back of the tongue and the throat and leaves you with a nice habanero burn.

This sauce calls for red meat, so splash out on some steaks or add this to your gourmet beef burger.

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