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Want to have the sweetest party in town?? We have options and products to suit everyones needs for make a truly unforgettable party! Have you ever considered having your party at Tom's Confectionery Warehouse?? We now have an amazing party room set up where we do all the work and you have all the fun! Book now, spaces are limited!! Bookings for this month only include FREE limo pickup from your house!


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We make candy. Rock Candy. Pure, but never simple. Using traditional techniques transformed and updated for a modern market, each and every day Sticky Candy-makers sculpt their creations right in front of our customers, working with upto 16 kg of molten sugar to create something fascinating, educational, beautiful, delicious and fun.

Sticky (101)

Sticky - Toffee Apple Pillows Bag 100g


Sticky - Fruit Mix Bag 100g


Sticky - Musk Pillows Bag 100g


Sticky - Candymon (Pokemon) Mix Bag 100g


Sticky - Sherbet Fizz Pillows Bag 100g


Sticky -Unicorn Mix Bag 100g


Sticky - Strawberry Rock Bag 100g


Sticky - Bullseyes (Peppermint) Pillows Bag 100g